An Act of God? Why Did Accessing Public CUPA Data Demand Your ID?

By Watching Adams Staff – 10/26/15

In a recent email to the campus, Adams State University (ASU) President McClure claims that ASU is not tracking the identities of those trying to access CUPA compensation data, the spreadsheet that allows faculty and staff to compare their income to that of their colleagues at peer institutions. McClure wrote:

“Some of you have expressed concern that accessing the ASU website that contains the spreadsheet with the CUPA data may track your identities. While it is not true that we were tracking identities, in order to relieve that concern, the information no longer requires a sign in to view. Since $200,000 was given to bring faculty and professional staff up to 72.5% of CUPA data, the Human Resources department has been inundated with complaints and has been the target of misinformation and negativity.”

Watching Adams reported on this peculiarity with a recent article, ASU Sets Privacy Trap for Employees Wanting Public Information. But she fails to explain why, of all the material stashed on the university’s website, it seems that only this public information requires ID for entry.  Was it an accident? An act of God? Or was it a zealous administrator trying to track those who might be charged with the unforgivable act of “negativity?” Without an explanation, it is hard not to remain at least a little skeptical.

Nonetheless, Watching Adams thanks ASU administration for removing the identity screening now that it has been exposed.