ASU Lists Eliminated, Reduced Positions


As Adams State University (ASU) moves forward with a Financial Action Plan to offset a $2.7 million financial shortfall and about a 12% decline in enrollment since 2015, the Board of Trustees has received a list of final recommendations from the administration.


The recommendations include a list of positions to eliminate, reduce the contract term, and/or reduce the salaried amount.  A total of 35 positions are affected by these recommendations:

Academics Academic Admin. Assistant – HAPPSSeliminate position
Academics Associate Professor – Art – eliminate position
Academics Instructor – Developmental Mathematics – eliminate position
Academics Professor – English – eliminate position
Academics Faculty – English – hold open at least one year
Academics Professor – History – eliminate position
Academics Professor – History and Archaeology – eliminate position
Academics Assistant Professor – Information Technology – eliminate position, program
Academics Professor – Physics – eliminate position
Academics Faculty – Business – (transitional retirements) eliminate position
Academics Faculty – Chemistry – voluntary salary reduction
Academics Faculty – History – voluntary salary reduction
Academics Faculty – Business – eliminate position – vacant
Academics Faculty – Psychology – eliminate position – vacant
Academics Faculty – Teacher Education – eliminate position – vacant

Academics Graduate Office Admin. Assistant – eliminate position – vacant
Academics Teacher Ed Program Directoreliminate position & reconfigure
Academics Teacher Ed Grad Coordinatoreliminate position & reconfigure – vacant
Academic Admin. Assistants – reconfigure several with 10 month contracts

Administration Academic Advisoreliminate – vacant
Administration Residence Hall Directoreliminate – vacant
Administration Admissions Administrative Assistanteliminate position
Administration Asst. Director – Student Life eliminate position
Administration Chief Operating Officer – eliminate position
Administration Digital Media Producereliminate position
Administration Police Officereliminate position
Administration Registrar Program Assistant Ieliminate position
Administration University Editoreliminate position
Administration Assistant V.P. – Academic Affairs – reconfigure and reduce salary
Administration Telecom Arearestructure 2 positions

Athletics Equipment Managereliminate position
Athletics Graduate Assistantseliminate positions
Athletics Enrollment Sports Coaches & Auxiliary Staffreduce to 10 month contracts
Athletics Business Manager & Senior Women’s Admin.retire/reconfig positions
Athletics Athletic Directorvoluntary salary reduction