Watching Adams is an effort to communicate information, conduct investigative journalism, and facilitate discourse about Adams State University (ASU), a state-supported liberal arts university in Alamosa, Colorado.  It was created out of a recognition that critical and sustained local news coverage of the university did not previously exist and that the university’s equity, transparent governance, and institutional mission were suffering as a result.

Watching Adams maintains a network of staff writers and sources within the institution to provide up-to-date and exclusive information to the public while protecting the identity of its team, whenever possible, from potential retaliation by the institution.  We recognize that it can be challenging and sometimes disquieting work to cover higher education in a small, rural community, but work that nonetheless has been long overdue in its scope and direction.

This site has no official affiliation, implied or expressed, with ASU.  This site is independently published by Danny Ledonne, former ASU faculty member in Mass Communication and media producer at Emberwilde Productions, LLC.

Questions or comments about the site can be directed here.