PollsWatching Adams conducts ongoing polling on issues related to Adams State University.  All polling results are collected anonymously.  These are not scientific polls.  These polls are designed to promote discussion and reflection on current events.

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Posted 4/10/17 in response to reader requests.

Posted 2/27/17 in response to ASU told by auditors to reduce deficit spending, cut costs, increase revenue

Posted 2/6/17 in response to VPAA Dr. Chris Gilmer Resigns

Posted 12/11/16 in response to At Adams State University, Intimidation is Rampant

Posted 10/31/16 in response to ASU Paid Its Own Board Chair Over $12,000 for Conference Services

Posted 8/1/16 in response to reader requests.

Posted 5/9/16 in response to ASU Audits Reveal Deteriorating Financial Conditions

Posted 4/25/16 in response to Reactions to Dr. McClure’s Video Message Regarding Probation Status

Posted 3/14/16  in response to Top-Down Governance Creates A Race to the Bottom

Posted 3/7/16 in response to Food Insecurity at Adams?

Posted 2/22/16 in response to ASU Football Spent nearly $72,000 on Travel in Fall 2015.

Posted 2/3/16 in response to Moody’s Downgrades ASU’s Credit Rating