Opposing Dr. McClure’s Decision – a Letter from a Former Student

Watching Adams Guest Commentary – 10/26/15

I just want to let you know that I am utterly opposed to the decision by Dr. McClure [to ban Watching Adams publisher Danny Ledonne for campus].

First and foremost I believe her decision threatens his First Amendment because we have the right to criticize others – especially public officials, departments and/or institutions. Second, her decision to dismiss him is a threat to others on campus and potentially other professors nationwide, because they too will be afraid to speak out against institutional problems. Third, a public agency that is bluntly hostile to their staff and creates difficulties in acquiring public records has no interest in serving the public. I also fear her retaliation against Ledonne can be extended to students. As a result, students may be expelled for speaking out but can be reasoned as “detrimental to the well-being of the institution” by top administration officials. Fourth, Dr. McClure’s decision is a detrimental to future staff, because they will soon realize that criticism is not tolerated.

Lastly, I must say that while being at Adams State, I met incredible friends, professors, mentors and administration staff. They all developed the importance of critical thinking and primarily research. But Dr. McClure’s decision just created a new status quo where criticism is not valued and will result in termination.

Hopefully Dr. McClure’s decision grabs attention and is pressured into overturning her detrimental actions.

Best regards,
a former ASU student