1/10/18 – HLC Visiting Team Final Report: PDF

1/8/18 – ASU refuses to release draft of HLC Report to public: PDF

9/15/17 – ASU’s Assurance Argument to HLC (9/13/17 DRAFT): PDF

11/17/16 – HLC accepts ASU’s request for extension of comprehensive review: PDF

10/19/16 – Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne’s letter of support for extension: PDF

Letter supporting extension from Dr. Timothy Flanagan, CDHE Chief Student Success & Academic Affairs Officer: PDF

10/17/16 – President McClure requests extension from HLC: PDF

9/16/16 – Final Report of Visit to Adams State University by Dr. David J. Mathieu, Consultant, August 8 to August 11, 2016, Evaluating Distance Education Programs: PDF

5/24/16 – ASU President McClure’s and BOT Chair Salazar’s Letter to the HLC Board of Trustees: PDF

4/20/16 – ASU Senator Michael Bennett’s Letter of Support: PDF

4/14/16 – ASU releases Probation Status – Dr. Beverlee McClureVIDEO

3/18/16 – ASU releases FAQ: What you need to know about accreditation probationPDF

3/7/16 – ASU President McClure’s response to HLC Academic Probation notice: PDF

3/3/16 – HLC explanation placing ASU on Academic Probation: PDF

2/25/16 – HLC places ASU on Academic Probation: PDF

1/26/16 – ASU President McClure’s response to HLC Academic Probation recommendation: PDF

1/7/16 – HLC notification of Academic Probation: PDF

HLC Advisory Report: PDF

9/14/15 – HLC Advisory Visit notification: PDF

8/21/15 – ASU submits report and documentation: PDF

6/8/15 – HLC requires site advisory visit: PDF

2/27/15 – ASU President Svaldi’s response and report: PDF

1/28/15 – HLC letter of inquiry: PDF