AS&F Letter of Opposition to Tenure Changes: PDF

Beverlee McClure – ASU Board of Trustees Settlement Agreement: PDF

Press Statement of Beverlee J. McClure (2/20/18): PDF

Dr. Gilmer Letter of Recommendation (2/6/17) – PDF

Dr. Gilmer’s Letter of Resignation (2/5/17) – PDF

Dr. Gilmer’s Release and Settlement Agreement (2/4/17) – PDF

Dr. Gilmer’s Statement (2/4/17) – originaltexted-enabled

Gilmer-McClure Mediation Agreement (1/31/17): PDF

Dr. Elison’s Email to Faculty Senate Regarding Censure: PDF

Drafted ‘Resolution of Support for Dr. Chris Gilmer’ by Dr. Jeff Elison: PDF

Passed ‘Resolution in Support of ASU, its Mission, its Students, and Reaccreditation’ by Dr. Ed Crowther: PDF