ASU HR Violates Colorado Open Records Act


ALAMOSA, CO – When a student turns in a paper late, they will likely receive reduced credit – if the paper is accepted at all.  Yet for Adams State University (ASU) Human Resources, a legal filing for public documents was delivered approximately 40 business days late.

The Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requires that any request for public information be made available within three working days. Or, if there are extenuating circumstances – which must be declared before the end of the third day, the Public Information Officer may extend the deadline by another seven working days.

In the case of a recent request for College and University Professional Association (CUPA) salary calculation data, it took ASU HR 68 calendar days to fulfill an employee request – approximately 40 working days longer than permitted by law.  The request was filed on July 31st, 2015 and fulfilled on October 8th, 2015.  Some additional requested information has not yet been provided.

When the data was finally released, it was posted on the ASU HR website behind a password-protected page that requires users to identify themselves.  See ASU Sets Privacy Trap for Employees Wanting Public Information for more on this.  Watching Adams has made the data publicly available for anonymous download here.

Watching Adams has contacted the Colorado State Attorney General’s Office to inquire on legal enforcement of CORA request response requirements and will update readers as more information becomes available.