ASU Issues Statement Regarding Employees on Administrative Leave


ASU has released a statement addressing the three employees placed on administrative leave.  Details about these actions are located in the sixth paragraph of the article:

Three employees of the university have been placed on administrative leave with pay for a one-week period while the audit is conducted. Their salaries and benefits are not impacted, and this action does not presuppose any wrongdoing on the part of these employees. The institution is committed to a thorough and independent audit, and must, therefore, remove any possible appearance of influencing the outcome, both for the protection of the university and these employees. They remain in good standing with the university, and their names are not being released by the university to protect their privacy. The university waited to issue this statement until the last of the third employees had been notified.   – Adams State University, 8/9/16

One Watching Adams commentator described the statement as: “a masterpiece of PR puffery. Paragraphs of boilerplate up front, then the real news – that three senior people have been suspended – is buried half way down. Lots of bullshit about their suspension not really meaning anything about their performance to date.  Then, as if you haven’t had enough of platitudes, another dose of fluff and bumphery.  How can the Valley Courier call itself a newspaper of record? It’s an organ of the establishment, apologists for the elite.”