The Myth of the Colorado State Police Watchlist


Adams State University President Beverlee McClure has added to her earlier claims about the threats to campus safety posed by Watching Adams publisher and former faculty member Danny Ledonne.  McClure previously stated that Ledonne is engaging in “personal attacks and the terrorism against me and the previous president” and “direct and indirect threats against individuals and the campus as a whole.”  Despite such serious allegations as “terrorism” and “direct threats,” no law enforcement agency has conducted any sort of investigation or review that includes interrogating Ledonne or searching his property.

In an “emergency” Faculty Senate meeting on November 18th, President McClure made a variety of new claims including that Ledonne is on a “Colorado state police watchlist.”  McClure stated in full:

"So the police - our chief is going to go department to department, share that information, talk about it, because I do think this is also a learning moment for all of us. Umm, [Ledonne] is also on a watchlist, umm for the state and the Colorado state police, there's some others and that was done before us, by the way, so ummm that information is out there."

Watching Adams investigated this claim in a variety of ways and could not find a single member of law enforcement within the Colorado State Patrol, Alamosa Police Department, or Colorado Department of Public Safety who could confirm the existence of a “watch list” let alone Ledonne being named on such a list.  Ledonne called various agencies and posted the audio here:

Regarding the existence of a watch list, a source within the Colorado Department of Public Safety further stated: “There is no such thing. First time I’ve ever heard of it. We do have an intelligence center which often is asked to do intelligence reports but definitely no ‘watch’ list.”  Another police officer stated, “I’ve never heard of such a list.”  A search with the National Crime Information Center and National Counterterrorism Center turned up no results for Ledonne, nor is Ledonne on the TSA’s “No-Fly List.”

Why would President McClure incorrectly state or outright fabricate such a claim?  What other statements regarding Ledonne’s “alleged behavior” are not being accurately represented?