President McClure Claims Watching Adams is “Cyber Bullying,” Calls for Stronger Laws


Since September 2015, Watching Adams has covered the policies and procedures of Adams State University with a critical voice.  On February 14th, 2017, ASU President McClure published “President’s Message on Cyber Bullying” a declaration accusing the site (without mentioning it by name) of “cyber bullying” and further went on to state:

“I believe that stronger laws are needed to protect victims of Internet mobs and cyber bullying. I hope others will join me in the effort to support these laws at the state and federal level. We cannot continue to allow Internet mobs to stifle the free speech of others.”

Dr. McClure’s recent allegations of “cyber bullying” and inciting “Internet mobs” were published the day after Watching Adams revealed that the ASU Assistant VP for Academic Affairs attempted to take down a previous Watching Adams article (about the sudden resignation of the VP for Academic Affairs) from Facebook.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, in which Watching Adams publisher and former ASU faculty Danny Ledonne was banned from the ASU campus for unspecified “safety concerns,” the university administration and trustees maintained that Ledonne’s website was not an issue of campus safety and that his campus ban was not in retaliation for the exercising of his First Amendment rights.  It was on this basis that the ACLU of Colorado represented him in court, ultimately settling for $100,000 to lift the campus ban.  Watching Adams has continued publishing documents, news, commentary, and podcasts throughout this time.